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Musical Instruments of Wandering Minstrels

India boasts of an ancient and rich musical tradition. A study of musical texts, paintings and sculptures from prehistoric times to the present day would reveal the continuity of the musical traditions of India. Musical instruments appear in the drawings and paintings (dating back to the Mesolithic era) of Bhimbetka rock shelters which is a World Heritage Site. Evidence of dance and music has been found in the excavations of the Harappan Civilization too.
Music combines vocal or instrumental sounds for emotional expression. Musical instruments represent music in a tangible form. A study of musical instruments helps in tracing the evolution of music and also explains many aspects of the culture of the group of people using these instruments. In the Natya Shastra, compiled by Bharata Muni, musical instruments have been divided into four main categories on the basis of how sound is produced: (i) The Tata Vadya or Chordophones - Stringed instruments; (ii) The Sushira Vadya or Aerophones -W…